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Laser Toenail Fungus

Congratulations on choosing the only FDA approved, scientifically proven laser treatment for nail fungus! We think you will be happy with your treatment however there are a few important pieces of information you should have before making your  final treatment decision.

Dr. Martone has been using the laser to surgically treat many medical conditions for nearly twenty years. Only recently has the laser been tested and approved by the FDA for the treatment of fungal nail infections. We are excited to offer this latest treatment option to our patients!

It is important to know that our nails grow an average of just 1/64thof an inch per day. That means that even a successful treatment outcome can be months away. The infected nail you see today must be REPLACED by the new healthy nail your body will produce during and after treatment Results may be seen within weeks but full regrowth may take up to one year.

Treatments are performed in the office and most patients receive 3-5 treatments total. The actual treatments are 15-20 minutes each and are performed over the course of 810 months. Anyone can have the laser treatment! There are NO SIDE EFFECTS and NO INTERACTIONS with medication. There is NO PAIN! This is much different than some older laser treatments that required anesthesia! The current laser success rates are approximately 70%. By comparison, the success rate with pills is around 75%. Similar success without the risks!

There are many types of lasers. Not all lasers are the same and, not all are tested and approved by the FDA. We use the only laser that is FDA approved for fungal nails!

While the treatments are fully approved by the FDA they are not covered by the insurance companies.

The initial consultation visit and your first treatment is $500. Your second and third treatments, if needed, are $200 each. If a fourth or fifth laser treatment is required within one year of your first treatment, they are free.

Thank you for choosing The Family Foot Care experts for all your foot care needs!

Dr. Martone has been practicing Medicine and Surgery of the foot and ankle for 17 years here in central Connecticut. He holds his doctorate degree from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia where he also completed his surgical residency. Dr. Martone is a teaching faculty member at St. Francis Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Podiatric Surgery at Temple University School of Medicine.

After many years of treating fungal infections of the toenails with pills, and topical remedies, we are excited to offer the latest treatment; The Cutera LASER for toenail fungus. This laser has many surgical uses but only in April 2011 has the FDA approved its use for toenail fungus. This new indication has given hope to many who have tried and failed other treatments for their nail infection or those who cannot take the pills.

Not all lasers are the same! This IS NOT the "cold laser" or the MLS laser which are NOT FDA approved and, are NOT scientifically proven!

Please know what you are getting before you make your treatment decisions!

Please call our office to schedule a consultation and get all the details on the laser treatment option.

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